Employment of persons with disabilities

Employment and employment is the most effective way to include people with intellectual disabilities in all life processes.

With the aim of enabling the employment and work engagement of persons with disabilities to get a job and ensure their livelihood, the employment of 2 persons with disabilities is planned.

By registering the Center for Education and Rehabilitation, the formal legal sustainability of the innovative form of care for persons with mental disabilities was enabled, along with the expansion of activities, which increased the possibilities of employment and work engagement of OI.

We estimate that our products will be bought by around 100 customers per day during July, August and September and around 20-30 customers during May and June.

The direct buyers of our products are citizens, so sales also increase the social exclusion of people with disabilities and the realization of our mission. We expect the self-sustainability of the company and an increase in the possibility of employment and work engagement of persons with disabilities.