Team Details

Mirsad Ibralić

Master of special education and rehabilitation, General manager

+387 60 31 82 822

Born in Tuzla on April 15, 1978. years. He completed primary and secondary medical school in Tuzla. Educational Rehabilitation Faculty of the University of Tuzla – Department of Education and Rehabilitation in 2009, and Postgraduate Studies – Department of Intellectual Disabilities in 2011, obtained the title of Master of Social Sciences in the field of mental retardation on the topic “Evaluation of individual support programs for people with disabilities”.Attended the seminars “Prevention of Institutionalization of Persons with Mental Retardation” and “Deinstitutionalization of Persons with Mental Retardation” organized by the Association for the Promotion of Inclusion from Zagreb, then “Employment of Persons with Disabilities” organized by the Mental Health Initiative from Budapest. As an author of two papers and a co-author of two papers, he participated in the I and II scientific professional conference Improving the quality of life of children and youth organized by the Educational Rehabilitation Faculty in Tuzla and the Association for Creative Development of Children and Youth in Tuzla. Since 2010, he has been engaged as a distinguished expert in the practice of conducting exercises on the subject Support for people with intellectual disabilities. He is the director of USU “Garden” Center for education, professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities.

As part of the Bosper program in Tuzla, he was trained in greenhouse production and vegetable production.